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Is this Heaven? No, it‘s a podcast The Field of Geeks podcast covers a wide array of topics! From the heartland of America, we bring you movie, TV, video game, and comic book news. We also riff on and review movies, good, bad, and worse than bad. We have interviews with several comics professionals and have a passion for all things

November 3, 2020


When we look at the meaning of Tarot Cards we see they "Are a form of divination, which literally means working with the divine, or your higher-self". Have you ever wondered what a reading for you might look like? Find out more here as we interview Reader, Dennis McCullough. Join Juan, Josh, and Steph (who got a reading as we recorded) for the 3rd and final part of our series at West End Salvage.

Special thanks to Nexus 6 (Dave’s Company), West End Salvage & Coffee Shop, and Des Moines New Age Shop and Community Center.   

Hope you enjoy and please contact us for any topic suggestions,

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