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Is this Heaven? No, it‘s a podcast The Field of Geeks podcast covers a wide array of topics! From the heartland of America, we bring you movie, TV, video game, and comic book news. We also riff on and review movies, good, bad, and worse than bad. We have interviews with several comics professionals and have a passion for all things

December 20, 2015

Field of Geeks Special Episode: Star Wars VII –The Force Awakens!

Welcome to the Field of Geeks Podcast Special Episode –Star Wars VII-- The Force Awakens!  Join Al, Mitch, and Josh as they review the movie and then talk SPOILERS.  For those who haven’t seen “The Force Awakens” yet, you will be warned and given enough time to turn off the show and for those who have seen “The Force Awakens,” gear up for an in-depth discussion.



Al, Mitch, & Josh


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