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Is this Heaven? No, it’s a podcast The Field of Geeks podcast covers a wide array of topics! From the heartland of America, we bring you movie, TV, video game, and comic book news. We also riff on and review movies, good, bad, and worse than bad. We have interviews with several comics professionals and have a passion for all things

February 4, 2016

Field of Geeks Podcast: Episode 26– Two Geeks, a Normal Girl, and a Pod!

Welcome to Field of Geeks Podcast Episode 26 starring Josh, Mitch, and Allie.  Join them as they talk about a variety of news items such as: Justice League, Wolverine 3, Hulk, Green Lantern, Conan, and much more.  Have an Ecto-Cooler and listen to some geeks.

Mark your calendar’s everyone, Feb 15th Podbean will be promoting our show in a big- bad way; bad as in good.  Please help spread the word and thanks for listening. 

Special thanks to the band “LoNero,” for the great intro music.

Please check them out at

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